How to Promote on Youtube

Promoting your YouTube videos can boost your traffic, increase profits, and give you much better viewing stats. There are many traditional ways to boost your YouTube traffic and one alternate way that can get your traffic through the roof. Let’s look at the traditional methods first.

Begin by adding your YouTube video to video search engines. Moreover, as well as Google Videos and Bing Videos. You’ll need to SEO your titles, tags, and descriptions – ‘best video ever’ is no match for ‘best pet in Halloween costume video.’ Ask yourself what the people interested in viewing your video would be likely to search for.

Create a logo or brand for your video to mark all your videos with, and include your website address or blog where the original can be found. This will prevent anyone from successfully stealing and plagiarizing your video as you will be able to prove it was yours first.

Use social websites and bookmarking sites to market your videos. MySpace and Facebook as well as Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, and many other places can help you promote your video on youtube channel promotion site, and you always have the chance of it going viral.

Use your RSS feed from your blog to keep people updated whenever you post a new video. If you make great videos, people will start to watch your ‘channel,’ and you’ll gain a following. Also, include links to your YouTube channel in your email and forum signatures. The more exposure, the better.

Keep up with current trends. If you watch the top ten searches on Yahoo, Google, and Alexa, you can keep up with current happenings and hot pursuits and make videos that touch on those topics to encourage large page views when they turn up in the search.

Use analytics to keep track of which of your YouTube videos are doing well, and look for ways to create more videos like the successful ones. Also, look at the YouTube videos that are featured each day and figure out what is hot and what is not.

Create ‘response’ videos. Find a hot video with lots of views, and create a ‘response’ video to it – that video will then be shown prominently to viewers of the original, and many of them will check it out.

These are the traditional ways to boost traffic to your videos naturally. There is also another way – using a service to help promote your views and increase your potential profits.

You’ll want to ensure that the service you use provides a viewing system that does NOT violate YouTube’s TOS. Bots, P2P, and proxy viewing systems can lead to your videos being taken off YouTube, so don’t risk it. Instead, look for a company that provides a 100% legitimate and real viewing system.

You can expect your views to jump up when you use a excellent view boost system, but it won’t be a precise number of views per day. Instead, you’ll see a steady increase with occasional spikes as your video is picked up by viewers and shared around. Video boosting can pull in views from logged in users across the globe and even get your videos ranked #1 on search engines, featured in high profile areas, and possibly put on the YouTube homepage.

Then you can send the traffic from YouTube to your website homepage or use AdSense to make more money. You’ll also see comments on your videos increase as real people view your videos and are intrigued.

If you use a legitimate service, your videos will not ‘freeze’ at 300 views or be banned from YouTube. Traffic is sent gradually to create a natural flow so that any spikes will be seen as a viral explosion caused by organic visitors instead of a gimmick or spam. You also won’t be required to leave your computer on always, and won’t be asked to provide much information.

With your views being carefully boosted every day, you can expect the traffic to your videos to spill over into your business or AdSense site, and you’ll see your profits increase weekly. Using an excellent system to increase views is even more effective than the traditional methods of increasing traffic.