Creative Ways to Reward Personnel Performance

Most of us are familiar with the traditional rewards given to employees for longevity, loyalty and quality work performance.  Such things as the gold watch, the annual holiday bonus, and the outstanding performance awards have even become part of our lexicon today, so much so that things like a “golden parachute” or Christmas bonus” are almost expected as a matter of course.  Yet their original purpose remains to recognize personnel performance and to motivate staff to work to their fullest ability.  Some employers are seeking new creative ways to accomplish this.  Firms that have made environmental sensitivity and awareness adopted parts of their creed are particularly interested in ways to enact that creed while awarding staff and personnel for quality work performance.  Thus, finding a reward that recognizes good work and furthers the goals of environmental sensitivity and sustainability will benefit the employee while helping the firm demonstrate its dedication to the achievement of those goals.

One tactic that might be used to accomplish this is by giving awards that are more ecologically friendly.  Certain awards can promote more involvement in the outdoors and in environmentally sensitive activities.  For example, giving staff members gifts or prizes that promote participation in outdoor sport and activities can be one way to encourage staff and maintain a firm’s adopted policies for environmental sensitivity.  And such awards can also promote recreational activities that are also sensitive to the environment.  Such an award could be a Groupon coupon for new fishing tackle obtained from Bass Pro shops.   It can be given to the employee who best completes assignments and produces work that increases organizational efficiency.  Similarly, a firm might reward staff members who show continued work productivity while minimizing consumption of supplies and resources – sort of an “employee efficiency” award.  That employee might be rewarded with a Groupon coupon that can get him or her a major discount on new outdoor wear.

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